2012 Maryland High School / Middle School Championships

The 2012 Maryland High School and Middle School Championships were held this past weekend (March 17-18) at Dumbarton Middle School in Baltimore. A record 205 players played compared with an equivalent 187 players last year. The tournament was split off from the Elementary School Championship held last Saturday due to size constraints - also had a record number of players with 411.

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2012 Chesapeake Open Report

The 2012 Chesapeake Open that was held January 6-8 set a new attendance record with 185 players, breaking last year's record by 50! Youth dominated the Championship section with Jared Defibaugh coming in first and Kevin Wang alone in second place.

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The First Tournaments I organized, 35 years ago

I organized and directed my first USCF tournament in June of 1976. Thanks to Jim Becker, who has an archive of saved Chess Lifes, I have copies of the TLAs for my first three tournaments. There are some interesting things to compare between tournaments in 1976 and ones in 2011.

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Kevin Wang finishes 15th at the World Youth

Maryland's Kevin Wang finished with a score of 6.5 out of 9 in the Under 14 section of the World Youth Championships in Brazil. The tournament ran from November 18th to the 26th.

The Washington International

Next year we are planning to have the first international tournament organized by the Maryland Chess Association, The Washington International. This will be a nine round swiss tournament with the opportunity to earn FIDE norms. Our goal is to meet the minimum FIDE requirements of foreign FIDE rated and titled players that allow players to earn norms based only on the rating of their opponents rather than their country. To do this we're planning on inviting several GMs to play in the tournament.

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