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Current Tournaments

by John D. Rockefeller V

Congratulations to the players who represented Maryland at the 2021 U.S. Open Invitationals, held during the U.S. Open:

As a team, Maryland’s players placed 15th out of the maximum of 52 state affiliate teams. See the U.S. Open Invitationals’ state team standings.

MD’s state representatives were eligible to play in the FM Sunil Weeramantry National Blitz Tournament of State Champions, held several hours before the U.S. Open Invitationals. Separated into 4 sections by rating, players can compete against players from any of the U.S. Open Invitationals. See the Weeramantry results.

by John D. Rockefeller V

Because the pandemic prevented MD Chess from running MD’s K-12 state championships (HS, MS, ES, & Girl) and the MD Open, Maryland's 2021 Irwin (50+), Denker (HS), Haring (K-12 Girl), Barber (MS), & Rockefeller (ES) Representatives & Alternate Representatives at the U.S. Open in New Jersey from July 31 - August 3 will be the 2 players with the highest of the following 3 ratings: official & established US Chess June Regular rating, June Online Regular rating (based on 4+ games), and June Online Quick rating (based on 4+ games). If you see any errors in the lists below and/or know of a MD resident and/or student who should (but does not yet) appear in 1 of the lists below, then please contact MD Chess IMMEDIATELY at Invitations to represent Maryland will be emailed on approximately June 14. Replies will be due 3 days later on June 17.

John T. Irwin National Tournament of Senior (50+) State Champions

      • Shelby Getz, 2411
      • Tegshsuren Enkhbat, 2388
      • William Morrison, 2380
      • Lawrence Kaufman, 2329
      • Troy Roberts, 2236
      • Larry Gilden, 2215
      • Philip Collier, 2206
      • Allan Savage, 2200
      • See Lists of Top Players by Age & Gender

GM Arnold Denker National Tournament of High-School (9-12) State Champions

      • Bijan Tahmassebi, 2210
      • Pieter Heesters, 2205
      • Jason Daniels, 2154
      • Andrew Diep, 2144
      • Benjamin Shoykhet, 2101
      • Neel Jay, 2075
      • Jayant Maheshwari, 2059
      • Sean Power, 2032
      • Shane Jayasundera, 1992
      • Edward Xiao, 1942
      • Bradley Guo, 1924
      • See Lists of Top Players by Age & Gender

WIM Ruth Haring National Tournament of Girls (K-12) State Champions

      • Carissa Zheng, 1961
      • Saniya Savla, 1895
      • Rachana Bhanuprasad, 1603
      • Vaishnavi Vaijaeepay, 1587
      • Emily Xing, 1584
      • Anushka Skariah, 1465
      • Ashley Zhang, 1404
      • Rashi Gupta, 1285
      • Vaahini Vaijaeepay, 1220
      • Aliya Saldanha-Suri, 1176
      • Destiny Dudley, 1165
      • Mia Fuller, 1119
      • Aishwarya Mekala, 1058
      • See Lists of Top Players by Age & Gender

Dewain Barber National Tournament of Middle-School (6-8) State Champions

John D. Rockefeller III National Tournament of Elementary-School (K-5) State Champions

      • Daniel Udovenko, 1792
      • Nitesh Cherukuri, 1725
      • Hanchi Yao, 1636
      • Youran Wang, 1555
      • Siddharth Kurup, 1528
      • Arjun Lakshmanan, 1320
      • Aundre Dudley Jr., 1218
      • Destiny Dudley, 1165
      • Zhongee Yao, 902
      • See Lists of Top Players by Age & Gender

US Chess / ChessKid

K-12 Showdown
("Online K-12 Grades")

December 12-13, 2020



Hosted on and

Grades K-5 will be hosted by

Grades 6-12 will be hosted by



You do NOT have to have a school team to participate in this event. Individuals without teams are welcome to register. There are team prizes, but this is an individual competition.

Tournament Details

Click below for Tournament Details:

US Chess announces the 2021 National Online Scholastic Championships (NOSC).  This event is intended as the online replacement for the now-cancelled SuperNationals VII.

The NOSC will feature two Qualification Weekends, with a total of six divisions, and a Championship Weekend, with top finishers from each section meeting to determine a national individual champion in that division.  There will be team and individual prizes awarded in each section on the Qualification Weekends; however, the only official national championship titles will be awarded to individuals on Championship Weekend.

The dates for the NOSC are as follows.

Qualification Weekend 1:  April 24-25, 2021

  • K-12 and K-9 Divisions

Qualification Weekend 2:  May 8-9, 2021

  • K-6, K-5, K-3, and K-1 Divisions

Championship Weekend:  June 12-13, 2021

  • Top finishers from each Division (total number in each Division depends on the number of original entries)

Click below for Tournament Details:

US Chess's TD Show Episode 13: The 50-Move Rule

This week's “The TD Show” topic will be "The 50-Move Rule" and will air at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Thursday, July 23 on the US Chess Twitch channel at

The show will be hosted by NTD Chris Bird and this week’s guest will be NTD Mike Regan. We will provide an overview of the 50-move rule, what it means, when and how players make claims and best practices for handling such claims as a TD. 

For folks tuning in live, Twitch will provide some interaction between the show and the audience, allowing you to ask questions in real-time and we’ll also finish each episode with some light-hearted fun in the form of trivia based on the topic discussed. However, if you cannot tune in live, each episode will be archived in the TD Videos playlist at the US Chess YouTube Channel.