by John D. Rockefeller V

Congratulations to the Greater Baltimore Scholastic 2018 Chess Champions:

  • HS Champion: Isaac Chiu (2276), 11th grader at Langley High School (VA)
  • HS Team Champion: Montgomery Blair High School
  • MS Champion: Charles Hua (2086), 7th grader at NEST+m School (NY)
  • MS Team Champion: Burleigh Manor Middle School
  • ES Champion: Tyler He (1295), 5th grader at Cold Spring Elementary School
  • ES Team Champion: Cold Spring Elementary School

Click below for the tournament’s Final Standings (MD Chess's Crosstables), US Chess Crosstables, photos (if any), highlight video (if any), & a list of the 10+ annual open tournaments run by MD Chess to any 3 of which each of the HS, MS, & ES Individual Champions will receive free Early entry.

MD Chess's Scholastic Tournaments' Final Standings (MD Chess's Crosstables)
MD Chess's Scholastic Tournaments' US Chess Crosstables
MD Chess's Scholastic Tournaments' Photos
MD Chess's Scholastic Tournaments' Highlight Videos

The 10+ annual open tournaments run by MD Chess eligible for free Early entry:

The 5+ tournaments affiliated with MD Chess that are ineligible for free Early entry:

  • Chesapeake Open (Baltimore Chess)
  • East Coast Open (Baltimore Chess)
  • Potomac Open (Baltimore Chess)
  • UMBC Championship
  • UMBC Open